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Why More Carmakers Go Electric Nowadays?

Go EVs!. Flickr Image.

It seems like only a few years ago we first heard about electric cars. What an innovation that was! I mean, the first-ever car was built only a hundred years ago. And now we have this! A car that doesn’t rely on or need any gas. “Wow! It’s the future,” we all thought.

Well, the future has come much earlier than we have ever expected. It surely looks like most major car companies are thinking, planning, or already creating their versions of electric cars.

No one really expected this innovation to trend so fast and hard. Yet, here we are. If this pace continues, soon, the world will become a totally new place.

Here are the reasons why more car makers go electric nowadays.

Lower Costs

Ford Mustang Mach E. Flickr Image

As per usual, cost plays a crucial role in what people are willing to buy. In recent years, the cost of producing electric cars has seriously decreased. Moreover, the expectation is that the costs will continue to drop even more since the price of batteries is going down.

Elon Musk surely believes so and keeps talking about it at every corner. Well, it seems that he is right. With the lower production costs, the price of a car will also decrease. What’s more, buying a second-hand electric car will be even cheaper.

In addition, the oil industry has been proven to be rather inconsistent with its prices recently. Many oil giant countries have also been trying to step away from their oil economy for years now.

In addition, all of the natural resources have a tendency to end at some point. Mankind has already used more than nature could ever restore.

Thus, it’s only a matter of time when fuel becomes too expensive to be used in cars. It is fair to say that the future will truly belong to electric cars if their costs become lower than fuel cars.

Environmental Cause

Fisker electric car. Fisker

You have probably noticed the strong incline towards an eco-friendly lifestyle that people preach these days. Well, these same people couldn’t neglect electric cars in their agenda.

Of course, electric cars happen to be a much more environmentally friendly version of transportation. A more ‘eco’ version can be only a bicycle. Hence, simply the fact that these cars don’t support the oil economy makes them the best future choices.

More people want to contribute to the environmental cause. Hence, if the electric car is as good as the fuel one, why not buy the former?

Carmakers predicted this logic a while ago.

What’s more, many governments around the globe are starting to support the development of electric cars for the same eco reasons. Thus, it becomes more profitable for carmakers to work on electric cars rather than on conventional vehicles.

The work on environmentally-friendly cars can be subsidized by governments, which surely cuts a lot of production costs for carmakers.

The only downfall in electric cars’ environmental agenda is the matter of battery recycling. So far, there are nearly enough factories to ensure the safe recycling or termination of the old electric car batteries.

However, considering that we actually expect a steady rise in electric cars’ popularity, carmakers and future electric car users should think about this issue before it turns into a real environmental catastrophe.

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Improved Performance

BWM all-electric i4. Automotive Rhythms

Those who can recall the first electric car releases probably remember them as slow and not so impressive. Indeed, those first versions were rather odd.

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Overall, those versions were in no way better than the vehicles we already have. Thus, what’s the point of getting them? The main promise behind these new cars was their eco-friendliness.

The latter is a great promise, of course. Still, we needed to have a few more reasons to be converted. Well, the electric cars of today’s world have surely given us a reason.

Today, the production of electric cars has seriously advanced. There have been a number of progressive technological achievements that allow making electric cars equal to their older colleagues.

Moreover, these days most car makers don’t have to start their electric cars research from scratch. It’s like students who need assignment help go to https://onlineessaywritingservice.review/ for tips; the carmakers go for previously done models.

The more advanced the industry becomes, the easier it will be to modify, improve, and create new versions of electric cars. It’s good for both carmakers and buyers. The latter receive more variety and a larger range of cars to choose from.

The former can rely on those before them when creating their own electric cars. Overall, it seems like a win-win situation.

The Bottom Line

The future is already here. Electric cars will surely change the way we look at vehicles, the oil industry, and the environmental crisis.

The world’s biggest carmakers have already begun this revolution. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for doing so. Now, it is only a matter of time until we replace all conventional cars with electric ones.

Credits and References

1. Featured images in this article are used under creative commons license and are obtained from the following websites: Go EVs! and BMW Electric Car.

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