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a) Getting Started (8)

What is Stock Dividend Screener?

Stock Dividend Screener is a Microsoft Office Excel application that contains a database of more than 5000+ of stocks from NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX. The main purpose of Stock Dividend Screener is to screen for good dividend paying companies based on certain metrics. The financial information used for screening the stocks is dynamically retrieved from a proprietary database.

For more information on Stock Dividend Screener, you can visit our Tour Product Page for detail explanation of the application.

What is the requirement to use Stock Dividend Screener?

You will need Microsoft Office Excel that has the ability to run Macro in order to use Stock Dividend Screener.

Please note that Microsoft Office Excel Starter edition will NOT be able to run Stock Dividend Screener since it doesn’t have Macro running capability.

Which version of Microsoft Office Excel do I need to use Stock Dividend Screener?

Stock Dividend Screener is compatible with Microsoft Office Excel 97 all the way to the latest version including 2013 version.

How does the Stock Dividend Screener work?

You select one or a range of stock symbols in the spreadsheet that you are interested in and then click on the Refresh button, the excel spreadsheet will connect to a proprietary database to download the relevant financial statements. The data is then processed, calculated and loaded directly onto your spreadsheet.

How do I install Stock Dividend Screener?

There is NO installation needed! All you need is Microsoft Office Excel 97 and newer to open the spreadsheet. Just download the spreadsheet from the Member Login and get started immediately. There is documentation on how to use the spreadsheets with tutorials continually being created.

How do I download Stock Dividend Screener?

During the sign up process, you will be asked to create a username and password for your account. When the payment has been made, you can log into the Member Login to download the spreadsheet.

I purchased Stock Dividend Screener but did not receive the download link.

Please go to the Member Login and download the spreadsheet from your account.

Can I use this on both my home and work computer?

YES. Unlike any other software company, you are able to use this on multiple computers. A single investor can use it at home, work and other computers if needed.

b) Spreadsheet and Data Questions (7)

Where does the data for the Stock Dividend Screener come from?

The Stock Dividend Screener connects directly to a proprietary database dedicated for storing financial data. The raw data is downloaded directly to your spreadsheet.

Where is the data stored?

Data is stored in the Stock Dividend Screener until you refresh to the latest data. The data is then overwritten. In other words, all data is dynamic and is refreshed to the latest available. If you want to save a copy of the spreadsheet for a specific date when the data is updated, you have the option to save it in a different file name.

When are the next fiscal year numbers updated?

The Stock Dividend Screener is completely dynamic and can be refreshed anytime you want. This means as soon as the updated numbers are available, after you click on the refresh button, the spreadsheet automatically go to the financial websites and fetch the latest data.

Does Stock Dividend Screener contain financial stocks?

Yes, there is one worksheet that is specifically dedicated to all the banks, holding companies, insurance and financial company stocks. REITs are also included in the spreadsheet.

Does Stock Dividend Screener contain OTC and Pink sheet stocks?

Since OTC and pink sheet stocks do not have enough financial data, it will not work.

Do I need any other subscription to run the program?

No extra payment, fees or charges are required. Your payment covers all data and subscription costs.
However, you will need to have internet connection in order to use the spreadsheet. Stock Dividend Screener will need to connect to the internet to fetch all the financial data.

Are international stocks included in the spreadsheet?

No. only US listed stocks. If you live outside the US, it will still work as long as you have internet connection.

c) Computer Compatibility (8)

What do I need to run Stock Dividend Screener?

• A Windows based computer or Mac with Bootcamp/Parellels/VM Ware to run a Windows environment.
• Microsoft Excel version 1997 and newer.
• Internet connection.

Can I use the Stock Dividend Screener on Mac or Excel for Mac?

The answer is yes if you have got bootcamp or vmware in your Mac to load a windows operating system and run the Excel spreadsheet in the windows environment.

Please note that Stock Dividend Screener only works on Windows and Office for Windows. Office for Mac will not work for Stock Dividend Screener.

Does it work on Open Office?

No, Stock Dividend Screener makes use of Macro to import data which Open Office doesn’t support.

Does it work on Office 365?

Yes, as long as the Office 365 is capable of running Macro.

Does it work on Google Drive/Doc?

No, Stock Dividend Screener makes use of Macro to import data which Google Drive/Doc doesn’t support.

Does it work on Smart Phone?

No, Stock Dividend Screener only works on a desktop or laptop computer.

Unless your smart phone is capable of running a windows based MS Office Excel with Macro running ability, then you will be able to use Stock Dividend Screener.

Does it work on tablets?

Only on Windows tablets. If you have a tablet running Windows 8 with Office installed, Stock Dividend Screener can run on your tablet.

d) Payment Information (6)

How much does the Stock Dividend Screener cost?

The spreadsheet costs only USD48 per year. You will need to have Microsoft Office Excel to open the spreadsheet. If you don’t have MS Excel, additional cost is required to purchase the MS Excel license from Microsoft.

How much is the renewal cost?

The usage of the spreadsheet is based on a yearly membership basis which means there will be a yearly renewal cost of USD48.

What is your refund policy?

Check out our friendly refund policy here.

We want to make sure you are happy and only pay for what you are satisfied with. We are not in the business of taking your money to earn a quick buck.
We prefer long lasting relationships and will do whatever we can do satisfy you.

What type of payments do you accept?

Paypal and all major credit cards are accepted.

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely no. The yearly membership fee of USD48 is all that you will be paying.

Will there be any price increase?

Absolutely no. The yearly membership fee of USD48 is all that you will be paying.