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Frequently Asked Question About Our Products

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products

Q: What type of products does StockDividendScreener.Com offer?

Our website offers various spreadsheet tools that do the analysis of publicly-traded companies’ valuation, dividends, etc.

Q: What do I get from using these spreadsheet tools?

For the valuation spreadsheet, you get to see the historical valuation, current valuation and forward valuation based on future estimates.

Valuation ratios that are based on revenue/sales, gross profit, EBIT (operating income), EBITDA, EPS (GAAP and Non-GAAP), cash flow, book value, etc, are displayed.

For the dividend spreadsheet, we are still working on it.

Q: What is the advantage of using the tool?

With only a click of a button and in a matter of a few seconds, you get to find out if the respective company’s stock price is traded undervalued or overvalued.

Q: Are these spreadsheet tools easy to use?

They are pretty much self-explanatory.

Do note that sophisticated skills are NOT needed when using the spreadsheet.

Most of the time, you only click on a button and wait for only a few seconds for the data to come back.

Q: What is the requirement of using these spreadsheet tools?

You need to have Microsoft Excel (version from 2007 to 2022) installed on your computer or laptop.

Do note that the Mac version one has NOT been tested.

Q: Where does the data come from?

The spreadsheet uses several reputable and reliable data feed providers, including a self-hosted database, Yahoo Finance, etc.

We are paying a premium price to these data feed providers in order to use their data.

However, as a customer of our spreadsheet tools, you only pay us a one-time fee and you get to use these spreadsheet tools on an unlimited basis and for a lifetime.

Q: Where can I get help or if I want to ask questions?

Please use the website contact form located here: Contact Stock Dividend Screener

Or you can shoot us an email at: support@stockdividendscreener.com

Q: What do I get after I purchase a piece of the products from StockDividendScreener.Com?

You will automatically become a member of StockDividendScreener.Com and can download the specific products that you have purchased within the membership dashboard for a 1-year period.

If you have not renewed your products after the 1-year period, you can still use your existing spreadsheet tools on an unlimited basis.

Please note that the spreadsheet will be updated from time to time to fix bugs and add enhancements as well as more features that will benefit existing members.

Existing members are not required to pay extra for the added features and enhancements to the tool.

Q: Does the spreadsheet run on Mac?

The Mac version of the spreadsheet has not been tested yet.

Q: Where do I buy the products of StockDividendScreener.Com?

You can navigate to the following page which contains all of our products:

Tour Our Products

Q: Do you have a trial period?

While we do not provide a trial period for most spreadsheets, you can download a sample copy of most spreadsheet tools so that you can get a feel of how these spreadsheet tools look and work.

Get sample spreadsheets here

Q: Can I get a sample spreadsheet to test out?

Of course, please head out to the following page to download a sample copy of our spreadsheets.

Get sample spreadsheets here

Q: Can I run these spreadsheets on multiple devices?

Yes, you can run it on multiple devices and different laptops and pc.

In case you have messed up the current spreadsheet, please login to Member Only to re-download the spreadsheet.


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