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Stock Dividend Screener (2021 Version)

Take the tour to find out what the Stock Dividend Screener spreadsheet is about.

The Stock Dividend Screener is a spreadsheet tool that screens and analyzes cash dividends of dividend-paying stocks.

The tool is built using Microsoft Excel (Windows version).

The tool is built based upon the foundation that it should be as simple and easy as it can be and yet powerful enough to use without requiring you to learn any sophisticated spreadsheet skills.

The tool is divided into 2 sections in a single spreadsheet:

1. Dividend Stocks Screener, and
2. Dividend Stocks Analysis

1st Section: Dividend Stocks Screener

From just a click of a button and in only a few seconds, the Dividend Stocks Screener section grabs the data from a reputable data feed and automatically returns a list of dividend stocks for the entire sector of all exchanges, including AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE.

For example, the following snapshot shows the list of dividend stocks that pay cash dividends at the “Basic Materials” sector.

basic materials

Dividend stocks in the Basic Materials sector returned by the tool

The dividend stocks listed in the above snapshot are screened based on the cash dividends that the stocks have paid out in the past 12 months.

As you can see in the snapshot, you can sort these dividend stocks based on a few criteria.

For example, you can sort the dividend stocks based on “Industry”, “Market Cap”, “Trailing PE”, “Dividend Yield”, recent “Ex-Dividend Date”, next “Ex-Dividend Date”, etc, all within the “Basic Material” sector.

Of course, the spreadsheet is not limited to only the “Basic Material” sector. There are other sectors in which you can do the same screening and sorting.

As mentioned, you can sort these dividend stocks according to several criteria.

The following snapshot shows that the dividend stocks are sorted based on the forward dividend yield from the largest to the smallest under the “Basic Materials” sector.

sort dividends by yield

Dividend stocks in the Basic Materials sector sorted based on the yield criteria

Aside from sorting, you can also select to show only dividend stocks that are going to have their next ex-dividend date set in 2021.

The following snapshot shows that only dividend stocks that have their ex-dividend date set in 2021 be shown in the spreadsheet.

sort by ex dividend date

Dividend stocks in the Basic Materials sector that have their ex-dividend dates set in 2021

These are just a couple of things you can do with the spreadsheet tool.

2nd Section: Dividend Stocks Analysis

The 2nd section of the Stock Dividend Screener spreadsheet is basically an extension to the 1st section.

In the 2nd part, you pick on any dividend stock returned by the screener and with a click of a button, the spreadsheet further analyzes the specific stock ticker and returns a set of analyzing metrics.

For example, the earnings and free cash flow payout ratios are 2 of the most important metrics for an in-depth look at a company that pays out cash dividends.

The following snapshot shows the earnings and free cash flow payout ratios for Alliance Data System Corporation (ADS).

ADS earnings and free cash flow payout ratio

ADS earnings and free cash flow payout ratio

From the snapshot above, you can see the earnings and free cash flow payout ratio for the cash dividends paid out by ADS.

From these metrics, you can find out what the cash dividends payout ratio has been with respect to earnings and free cash flow.

Of course, the lower the payout ratio, the better the cash dividends are.

Moreover, these metrics determine the worthiness of a particular dividend stock.

While the payout ratios for ADS have been historically low over the past 4 years, ADS has actually reduced the dividend payout in the 3rd and 2nd quarter of 2020 as reflected by the decreases in dividends per share and the cash dividend paid.

As such, you can see not only the payout ratio but also the amount of cash paid out as dividends which can only be found in the statement of cash flow.

On this end, the tool connects to a reputable data feed provider and returns all this information and process it and finally display it in the spreadsheet.

In the end, you can decide by yourself whether ADS or any other stock is a good dividend stock by having the ability to quickly access this crucial information in the spreadsheet tool.

Other than the payout ratio, you can also look at the dividend metrics, historical annual dividend and dividend history as shown in the following snapshot.

ADS dividend metrics

ADS dividend metrics

In the final section of the Dividend Stock Analysis, you can also get a quick view of some of the most important valuation metrics of the respective stock as shown in the snapshot below.

ADS valuation metrics

ADS valuation metrics


In short, the Stock Dividend Screener spreadsheet tool gives you the ability to quickly screen cash-paying dividend stocks and access the historical dividend payouts of a respective company.

The tool further analyzes the payout ratio and valuation of the respective stock.

Go ahead to download a sample of the spreadsheet tool here and see for yourself how the tool might help you to improve your visibility of a company:

Download A Sample Copy Here!

You can also visit the following page to read about some of the most frequently asked questions about the spreadsheet tool.

Stock Dividend Screener FAQ


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