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Tour The Stock Dividend Screener Tool

Take our tour to find out what the Stock Dividend Screener spreadsheet is like.

Stock Sectors

Screen 6600+ of Stocks

The spreadsheet consists of over 6600+ of stocks and they are categorized into 9 sectors for easy screening and filtering.

Refresh Button to Get the Latest Quarter Financial Data

You can update the stocks anytime you want to get the latest financial data for screening.

dividend screening
Stock Metrics

Cash-based Metrics for Dividend Screerning

Since dividends come from cash and not earning, I have used cash-based metrics such as dividends to free cash flow payout ratio and cash return on capital for screening the most reliable dividend paying companies.

Plots of 10 Years of Data

Powerful graphs that show 10 years of financial data. Multiple stocks can be plotted in each individual graph for comparison.


Watch some intro video here

Video 1

[S3VIDEO file=’stock-dividend-screener-spreadsheet.mp4′ bgimage=’https://stockdividendscreener.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/background-image.jpg’ thumbnail=’https://stockdividendscreener.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/background-image.jpg’ sitemap=’true’]

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