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Tour The Stock Dividend Screener Tool

Take our tour to find out what the Stock Dividend Screener spreadsheet is like.


Stock Sectors


Screen 6600+ of Stocks

The spreadsheet consists of over 6600+ of stocks and they are categorized into 9 sectors for easy screening and filtering.[/jcolumns]


Refresh Button to Get the Latest Quarter Financial Data

You can update the stocks anytime you want to get the latest financial data for screening.[jcol/]

dividend screening



Stock Metrics


Cash-based Metrics for Dividend Screerning

Since dividends come from cash and not earning, I have used cash-based metrics such as dividends to free cash flow payout ratio and cash return on capital for screening the most reliable dividend paying companies.[/jcolumns]


Plots of 10 Years of Data

Powerful graphs that show 10 years of financial data. Multiple stocks can be plotted in each individual graph for comparison.[jcol/]



Watch some intro video here

Video 1

[S3VIDEO file=’stock-dividend-screener-spreadsheet.mp4′ bgimage=’https://stockdividendscreener.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/background-image.jpg’ thumbnail=’https://stockdividendscreener.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/background-image.jpg’ sitemap=’true’]

[jbutton size=”xlarge” color=”black” link=”https://stockdividendscreener.com/product/spreadsheet/”]Get the tool here![/jbutton]


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