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General Motors

Vehicle Sales And Market Share


Stock Valuation

  • Assessing GM Stock Valuation With Only 6 Ratios
    Find out General Motors' market valuation and historical market cap from the perspective of price to sales, price to book value, price to profit, price to free cash flow as well as the price to earnings ratio.

Sales Revenue, Profitability, And Debt

  • GM Automotive Revenue Recognition
    General Motors revenue recognition for new and used vehicles sales, parts and accessories, services and others. Discover how does GM recognize its automotive sales and leasing revenue.

  • How Does GM Fund Its Balance Sheet?
    Find out General Motors' debt leverage thru the debt to equity ratio and debt to asset ratio. Discover also what makes up GM's capital structure.

Comparison With Related Companies

  • Tesla Vs GM In Asset Turnover Ratio
    Tesla and GM's total and long-term asset turnover ratio comparison. Find out which automaker has better assets utilization when producing sales revenue.

Other Fundamental Statistics

  • Will GM Go Out Of Business?
    Explore General Motors' ability to service the incurred interest expense. The analysis uses the interest coverage ratio and times interest earned ratio.

  • How Efficient Has GM Been Managing Its Inventory?
    Discover General Motors' inventory levels. Find out the efficiency from inventory turnover ratio, days of sales ratio, finished product inventory days on hand, inventory to current assets and revenue, etc.


  • General Motors (GM) Frequently Asked Questions
    GM common and general frequently asked questions such as business units, equity, investment, acquisition, debt and liabilities, cash flow, products, revenue, profit, financial health, etc.

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